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Integrative Medicine is an holistic approach to healthcare that is committed to restoring heart, soul and healing into the practice of medicine. Re-integrating the healing arts with the healing sciences, Integrative Medicine is not just about helping individuals recover from disease and distress, but helping them discover how to thrive and flourish – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

At the heart of Integrative Medicine is its highly personalised, empowering and whole-person approach. Rather than just exclusively focusing on recovery from disease and distress, it embraces a wider vision of health: one committed to helping individuals experience their fullest potential for health, happiness and personal fulfillment. Notably IM focuses on what is right about the person, how to re-kindle enthusiasm and commitment to life, and seeks to transform the crisis of illness into an opportunity for deepening of self-understanding, achievement of personal authenticity and a healthy reappraisal of values, beliefs and life choices.

To achieve this, Integrative Medicine is practised by qualified doctors and healthcare professionals who help their patients to make good medical and life choices based upon the values and needs of each individual. IM practice is supported by a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and self-help approaches, selected on the basis of the evidence of their effectiveness and the correct ‘fit’ for each person.

Underpinning the integrative medicine approach is the unique therapeutic relationship created between the practitioner and patient, and the willingness of the patient to commit to learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and transforming perceptions, habits, attitudes and ultimately their health-defining behaviour. The ability of the practitioner to create rapport and understanding and to catalyse such a positive shift is completely dependent upon the health, wisdom, experience and self-awareness of the IM practitioner which is actively developed in IM education.

Integrative Medicine must also be seen as an approach which focuses on the solution rather than the problem. All IM practitioners seek to promote positive health and therefore work as much as a teacher and motivator for behavioural change as in the diagnostic and medical role.


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The Doctor Healer Network (DHN) exists to encourage the acceptance and use of integrated medicine, incorporating energy healing as a major component. The DHN offers information, advice and a forum for discussion for healthcare professionals who wish to become involved in healing. The DHN further aims to promote understanding and awareness of healing as a recognised and viable form of complementary therapy, and to form collaborative links with medical and healthcare professionals and researchers.

Members of the DHN come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Members include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, midwives, medics, hospital and pharmaceutical workers, academics and GPs, plus complementary therapists working alongside health professionals.

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There are already some great examples of individuals and organisations working together to create joined-up, integrated care that is centred around patients' needs. We've pulled together this map to help highlight integrated care and new models of care in practice. The map is not intended to be comprehensive, but draws on our research and analysis, and our role in bringing people together to make integrated care happen.

Integrated care is available here


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