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Doreen Fare, the devoted wife of Dennis Fare, died 20 February, 2015.


Doreen was a practicing Spiritual Healer, the Secretary for the World Federation of
Healing, and together with Dennis, they were leaders in the Bristol District
Association of Healers, and Bristol Cancer Help Center. They contributed to the
Confederation of Healing Organizations linking healing associations together, and
establishing healing as a standard therapy for the NHS and Private Medical
Practices. This Confederation of Healing Organizations developed a Code of
Conduct. In 1999 UK Healers continued this work by developing self-regulation
of healer practitioners, insuring effective Spiritual Healing Practice nationally
and internationally. Dennis and Doreen most generously extended their healing
efforts across the world as their life long commitment.


Doreen was born 27 November, 1935 to the Petry family in London. As a child she
participated in the services of Little Heath Chapel, Tilehurst, Redding in Berkshire.

Doreen was known, through her whole life, for being extremely spiritual, prayerful,
and having the biggest heart in the whole wide world. She was unusual in her
generosity, always putting others and their needs first.

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Doreen’s mother, Muriel, will celebrate her 105 birthday in June, 2015. On Friday night,
20 February, Muriel was awakened by the smell of a bouquet of roses. Muriel did
not learn of her dear daughter Doreen’s passing until the next day when Marian,
Doreen’s sister, visited her mother. Together, they understood that Doreen had
come to her mother’s bedside, the night of her death, as an abundant bouquet of roses!


We will miss, incredibly, Doreen as a leader in Spiritual Healing Practice, as a family
member, and as an unforgettable friend. We can recognize her in the beautiful
smell of a bouquet of roses.

  Written by Lyndall Demere, Ph.D., Msc.D.

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