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Dennis Fare our Founder and Patron has passed on:- 

Dennis had just passed his 86th birthday and passed in Frenchay Hospital on 17th June 2011, the celebration of his life was held on 12th July at Westerleigh crematorium.

Many tributes to Dennis were made by friends and family, the memories of Dennis will burn brightly in our minds and help us to carry on his life's work of helping others on their journey.


At nineteen years of age, following a nervous breakdown, Dennis suffered paralysis of the legs and was told that he would never walk again.  His father took him to spiritual healers and he completely recovered.  This led to him investigating all aspects of spiritual healing.
In his teens Dennis was a Baptist, but following his recovery from paralysis he turned to a study of religions, spending four years in reading about and attending the different faiths.  Starting with all the Christian ones he then moved on to the middle-eastern and far-eastern religions.
In his early fifties he decided to become a minister, and went on to become a senior Minister of the Church of the Holy Spirit, a free church.
Dennis always had the urge to know more concerning the meaning and purpose of life, with particular reference to the power of the mind.
In 1955 he invited a professional hypnotherapist to give a demonstration.  As this person brought his own subject to demonstrate upon, Dennis was not convinced, yet it encouraged his interest in the subject.  After extensively studying hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, and becoming qualified, Dennis took on patients and obtained a remarkable degree of success. 
He was a member of the British Hypnotherapy Association, and was on the National Council of Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapy Register.  He set up in practice full-time in 1976. 
He’s lectured on hypnotherapy (for healing purposes) and demonstrated this in many parts of the UK, Europe and the USA.
In 1980 Alec Forbes - with Penny Brohn, Canon Christopher Pilkington and his wife Pat - formed the well-known Bristol Cancer Help Centre, (now known as Penny Brohn Cancer Care).  Dennis, as president of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), was invited to join them, and he worked as a healer and hypnotherapist at the Centre for eleven years.  He met Prince Charles when His Royal Highness visited the centre.
By 1952 Dennis had become a practising Spiritual Healer and founded the Bristol Society of Spiritual Healing, but that only lasted a few years.
The NFSH was founded in 1954, and is now called The Healing Trust.  Harry Edwards, the most well-known and significant healer of his generation - who’d founded the Harry Edwards Sanctuary, at his home at Burrows Lea, Surrey, in 1946 - became the first member and later President of the NFSH.  Dennis is a past Chairman and President.
Dennis chaired at meetings all over the country when Harry Edwards gave healing demonstrations to large audiences.  And in 1961 following a request by Harry, Dennis started the Bristol and District Association of Healers, which soon had Somerset added to the title.  The Association held many demonstrations, led by Harry Edwards, as this was then the main source of publicity for the ministry of spiritual healing.
Dennis wrote that “in the pre-1939 days and even right up to the mid 1960’s Spiritual Healing was looked upon by many people in all walks of life as of little value, except for perhaps nervous disorders of the mind.  Little was known about what it was and how it worked – indeed it is still strongly debated and argued about even now.  Yet it has suddenly become respectable.  Why?  Because in spite of serious opposition from all quarters, the sheer weight of evidence in support of it has prevailed.”
During the years 1973-78 Dennis was a member of the NFSH Cancer Research Committee, under the chairmanship of Colonel Marcus McCausland.   The pioneer work carried out by this committee was widely accepted throughout the world as one of the leaders in the field of psychosomatic causes of disease.
In 1972 Dennis suggested that an international World Federation of Healers be formed as NFSH had by then members in fifty-eight countries.  At the time Harry Edwards was still its president and Dennis was Chairman.  A special Council meeting agreed that this World Organisation was necessary and that the NFSH should sponsor it.
The World Health Organisation had admitted that there was an acute shortage of trained medical and nursing personnel in the world, particularly in the under developed countries and this World Federation of Healing should be in a position to meet on equal terms offering a service of qualified healers throughout the world.  Therefore the intended international healing organisation should include into membership all practitioners in the healing arts such as doctors of allopathic medicine, homoeopathic doctors, acupuncturists etc. The inaugural conference was held in London in 1975 and Dennis was its first President.
Dennis travelled all over Europe and, in 1977, as President of the World Federation of Healing, (which has recently disbanded), he was invited to the USA by the American Spiritual Healers Association together with the well known Welsh healer Reverend Marian Butler.  In the six weeks of their visit he was privileged to treat a baby boy in Boston Hospital, and to lecture at Harvard University.  As a result of that visit he was invited back to the USA again in 1978 and ‘79.
For thirty years Dennis was the Senior Trustee, at Harry’s request, of The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary Trust, chairing meetings at Burrows Lea, four times a year.  He resigned in November 2001.
In his social work Dennis spent a number of years helping mentally and physically handicapped children and adults.  Because of his interest in this field he became Manager of the Bristol Blind Workshops and in this work he enabled sighted but handicapped people to assist the blind.  During this time he met Princess Margaret when she visited the Workshops. 
In 1975 at the age of 50 he retired in order to devote all of his time to the treatment of the sick and disabled.
He then set up The Dennis Fare Healing Centre at his home in Kingswood, Bristol, as a teaching centre for most aspects of treatment of disease and prevention, specialising in self-healing.  Dennis also practiced hypnosis and psychotherapy there.
By 1994 Dennis had produced 64 cassette tapes on all kinds of health and mind related topics and also had written and published a series of 9 Self Help booklets, which were very popular, and which the committee of the BDAH is currently considering updating and republishing.
The Centre must have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the many years of regular Tuesday morning and Thursday evening clinics for Spiritual Healing, (for which they never charged, only accepting donations), as well as through the many lectures and workshops that were organised there, many with internationally acclaimed lecturers.  In addition there are many healers who owe thanks for the excellent training they received there.
As members were joining the Bristol District and Somerset Association of Healers from the surrounding counties of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Gwent it was decided in 1999 to change the name to Bristol District Association of Healers – or BDAH. 
Dennis was President of these Bristol Associations for most of their 50 years but has been Patron since 2009, after resigning as President.  Dennis was already Patron of Healers International.
Over the years and in many parts of Europe and America Dennis has treated thousands of people.  Some of these were medically examined and pronounced incurable.  Yet with healing they gradually recovered full health.  Many more have learnt of the power and benefits of healing from him, or through those he trained or the organisations that he worked so hard for.  It is thanks to his efforts and others like him, including Harry Edwards and more recently Bill Harrison, that healing has become much more accepted and widespread in our society today.  We still have some way to go, but with his shining example and the continuing help of those who have followed in his (considerable) footprints, there is no doubt that healers and healing will be with us for many years to come, benefiting countless people.
One of our members recently told me that Bill Harrison had said – “Dennis was an exponent of virtue, a good man whose life touched many,”
 Thank you Dennis.   God Bless you.

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